Gnosis Safe Multisig

Gnosis Safe Multisig

Gnosis Safe Multisig on COMBO Mainnet


“Safe” is a modular, self-custodial (i.e. not supervised by us) smart contract-based wallet . Smart contract wallet means, unlike a standard private key Wallet, that access control for authorizing any Transaction is defined in code.

Owners need to connect a signing wallet with the Safe. Safe is compatible inter alia with standard private key Wallets such as hardware wallets, browser extension wallets and mobile wallets that support WalletConnect.

The Safe is the most secure way to manage your crypto funds.

You can set up the Safe Multisig on COMBO Mainnet and you can use wallets including Ledger, Trezor, Wallet Connect, Torus, and browser wallets like Metamask as signing keys so that you can manage your crypto collectively and inter-operably.

Mainnet Deployment Address

GnosisSafe0x4d2c8e291A584F92cE26D5B3160F256b00Fa9763open in new window
GnosisSafeL20xBDD86097B960e2D2bB21B4CFFF9732637Be3eC9Dopen in new window
CreateCall0x2854269720A51f74276415b8d89E0A3f41974689open in new window
CompatibilityFallbackHandler0x81EA5CB10c41050331d4723337885Dd0D7a1EC6Eopen in new window
DefaultCallbackHandler0x74848124Dd1F4ce54833aCfC5A25aDB71f5D6C00open in new window
GnosisSafeProxyFactory0x38D66e079A88Ac208fBC27498b26b79cE512ad7fopen in new window
MultiSend0xDC07B1EA7b9A09966e25086eAED1816bEc323635open in new window
MultiSendCallOnly0x21d857A39B4a1154Eee6bcE8d11E759b614940bFopen in new window
SimulateTxAccessor0x15afF196572de20c37930877F612B6a36F92181Fopen in new window

Set up your own Gnosis Safe Multisigopen in new window

Select Create Safe

Connect wallet

  • Set connected wallet to COMBO Mainnet in this step

Create new Safe

  • The default setting is currently the COMBO Mainnet.

Set name

Set Owners

Add new owners

  • Enter the address

Review safe settings

Sign transactions to create your safe

Great! You have created a safe.

Receive Funds for Multi-sig Wallet

Go to the homepage

Click on "Receive" to get QR code for receiving funds

Send Funds from Multi-sig Wallet

Go to the homepage and click "Assets".

Click on "Send" to create a transaction

Click "New transaction" or click the "send tokens"

Submit transaction

Wallet confirmed, transaction sent successfully

Click Transactions to view the details of each transaction

Set up Multisig Transaction

Add new owners here if not done during account creation

Initiate multisig transaction

Input the info for these owners

Required confirmations, Set the Number of Multisig owners in “Required confirmations”

Change 1 to 2

Initiate a Multisig Transaction

Other owners response to Multisig Transaction

Other owners confirm or refuse

Complete the multisig transaction