Particle Network

With the growing number of users adopting Web3 products, traditional browser plugins and third-party wallet redirections can no longer satisfy user expectations. Particle Network’s Smart Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) solution addresses these challenges by offering numerous benefits when integrated into dApps, allowing developers to focus on product logic and bring innovative applications to the Web3 landscape more efficiently and effectively. This is done primarily by simple, robust SDKs and APIs facilitating the onboarding through social logins alongside seamless application-embedded wallet experiences.

Which includes:

  • Authentication Service: A user-friendly social login solution using MPC-TSS, enabling familiar login methods without sacrificing security and decentralization, therefore lowering the barrier-to-entry for new users.
  • Wallet Service: An embedded wallet solution (which ties in closely with the authentication service) that simplifies digital asset management for developers and end users, allowing developers focus on core product functionalities.
  • Connect Service: A custom connection kit for unifying onboarding between Web2-based social logins and external Web3 wallets.

With the Particle Network's Smart WaaS soluiton, a developer will be able to perform the following things:

  • Seamless integrations for streamlined user login:
    • Allow users to login to dApp with existing Web3 account such as MetaMask, through Particle Connect.
    • Allow users to login to dApp with their Web2 accounts such as Email, SMS, Google, Twitter, Telegram and so on. An MPC wallet will be associated with the account, check hereopen in new window to learn more about the security aspects of Particle's solution.
  • Unlock extensive embedded wallet features, which includes:
    • Assets management: an intuitive interface for managing digital assets within the wallet.
    • Transferring: send or receive FT (ERC20 tokens) or NFT (ERC721 tokens).
    • Swapping: conduct token swaps with aggregated DEX solutions.
    • On- & off-ramps: which allows users to purchase digital assets with their credit card or digital payments.

Besides, the SDKs are cross-platform, with compatibility across:

Last but not least, all the services we mentioned above are white-labeled, you can customize the interface to match your own branding with our low code customization interface.

Excited to get started? Feel free to check out more information on the homepageopen in new window and documentationopen in new window. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the team at the discord channelopen in new window.