COMBO Bridgeopen in new window functions as a bridge where users and developers can transfer BNB to COMBO network.


  • It takes only a few steps to get it through:

    • Have the sufficient BNB in your BNB Smart Chain
    • Connect your wallet to BNB Smart Chain
    • Input the amount in the blank

The amount will be transferred to COMBO network after confirmations on the chain.


Users have the option to withdraw their assets either through either COMBO official bridgeopen in new window or through a third partyopen in new window to withdraw their assets.

Common Issues

  • MetaMask is not responding after submitting transactions

If your page keeps loading like this, please. follow the instructions to troubleshoot

  1. Go to Network setting of MetaMask
  2. Delete BNB Smart Chain

  1. Disconnect with Combo bridge and connect again
  2. Add BNB Smart Chain