COMBO Cooperation Proposal

COMBO Cooperation Proposal

Background and introduction

COMBO is a game-focused layer2 for Web3 game developers. By applying optimistic rollup, we can achieve more than 5,000 TPS while keeping the gas prices as low as 0.000000009 Gwei.

COMBO has built full-fledged partnerships with leading Web3 infrastructure projects to provide comprehensive development toolchains and built-in game engines. These advanced tools can help game developers to easily get into the Web3 world, and simplify and accelerate their game development process.

COMBO Investment and Financial Support

COMBO has launched an $80 million Ecosystem Fund to help ambitious developers to achieve their goals in COMBO’s vibrant ecosystem.

COMBO is able to offer various incentives and grants or strategic investments for great teams with high quality products or creative ideas.

  • Grant and Incentive: Up to $100,000 worth of $COMBO tokens to help the project conduct their products development, campaigns, and build their own liquidity pools.

  • Strategic Investment: Depending on the deals with different projects, COMBO offers various strategic investment options in different phases, such as purchasing the project’s native tokens with $COMBO token, regularly offering other support to the project such as co-marketing, hackathons, platform promotion, etc., to foster close collaborations with each other.

General Cooperation ​​Timeline

Preparation Phase (1-2 weeks): The project and COMBO work together to devise the details of the partnership, technical integration plan, and economic model design.

Technical Integration and Testing Phase (1-2 weeks): Process the deployment of the project to COMBO for internal testing, ensuring optimal technical performance and user experience.

Official Launch and Marketing Phase (1-2 months): Officially launch on COMBO. Start our joint marketing campaigns to promote the project and gain exposures.

COMBO Community Advantage

Leveraging COMBO's community and partner network, projects can reach a broader global player base and cryptocurrency community, expanding their user foundation.

  • COMBO Community Partnership
    • In 2023 Q1-Q2, COMBO has partnered with 45 projects;
  • Twitter:
    • COMBO: 500,000 Followers
    • COMBO DAO: 62,000 Followers
    • Exposure: 1,150,000
  • Discord:
    • COMBO Main: 310,000+ Followers
    • COMBO Server (Sub-channel): 250,000+ Followers
    • Total Message: 209.9 million
    • Daily Message: 6700
  • Telegram:
    • English Channel (Main): 51,895
    • Other channels in Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia, China, Korea, Turkey, Japan

Cooperation Strategies:

  • Technical Integration: COMBO will collaborate closely with the project team to integrate the project into the COMBO‘s ecosystem. The COMBO team will provide technical support to ensure a smooth migration and high-performance operation.

  • Global Event Collaboration:COMBO has developed strong partnerships with top Web3 projects across various domains. Projects can collaborate with COMBO ecosystem partners to participate in global Web3 events such as ETHDenver, Token2049, and GDC. These collaborations will provide projects with opportunities to engage in offline activities, expand the audiences, and increase exposures.

Community Collaboration & Marketing Promotion: Projects can engage in targeted market promotion via COMBO's community platforms. Here are some suggestions of expanding market outreach and promote the project through community platforms:

  • Community Activities: Projects are able to leverage COMBO's social media channels, such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Medium, etc., to increase the exposure of their latest news, announcements, updates, and events. Cobee NFT Mint and Binance Quiz event as an example:
    • PhaseI: Cobee Mint Data Onchain (14 days)
      • Total NFT Minted: 96,431
      • Total NFT Cross-chain: 64,753
      • Avg Daily Minted: 6,888
    • PhaseII: Cobee Mint Data Onchain (14 days)
      • Total NFT Minted: 283,819
      • Total NFT Cross-chain NFT: 225,515
      • Avg Daily Minted: 16,108
    • PhaseIII:Cobee Mint Data Onchain (Ongoing)
      • Total NFT Minted: 161,608 (3days)
      • Total Cross-chain NFT: 117,557 (3days)
      • Avg Daily Minted:39,185
    • Binance Simple Earn COMBO Quiz Challenge
      • 48,712 users participated in the airdrop distribution.

AMA Event: COMBO organizes AMA events on social platforms such as Galxe, SecondLive, and etc., with all of our ecosystem partners to provide excellent opportunities to share insights about the project’s development plans, creative ideas, and future strategies.

Economic Model Design: COMBO team can assist game projects to design token-based economic models to ensure user engagement and retention.

In-depth Community Content Promotion: COMBO can connect projects with global media resources to release recent updates and create comprehensive cooperative promotional content of the projects. For example:

Investor Relation: To prompt the growth of outstanding start-up projects, COMBO connects projects with a great number of savvy and reputable investors, and most famous and reliable exchanges.