Token introduction

Token introduction

Token Info

Token symbol: $COMBO

Maximum supply: 100,000,000


Listed Exchanges

Data Information

Smart contract address

ERC-20:0xc03fbf20a586fa89c2a5f6f941458e1fbc40c661open in new window

BEP-20:0xc03fbf20a586fa89c2a5f6f941458e1fbc40c661open in new window

Combo l2 BEP-20:0xd08a2917653d4e460893203471f0000826fb4034open in new window

  • The total supply will always be 100,000,000 tokens, regardless of the number of chains they are deployed on. We make it to ensure that the Cocos token can circulate across all chains, with the total circulation volume of all chains being less than or equal to 100 million tokens. The surplus part is reserved for cross-chain purposes.