1. What’s COMBO?

COMBO is a leading provider of scaling solutions for Web3 game development.

2. How to swap $COMBO?

Please check the tutorialopen in new window.

3. What is COMBO backed?

It is backed by the world’s leading investors and partners in gaming including Binance Labs, NEO Global Capital and more, COMBO is on the mission to bring over

4. What’s the audit report of COMBO?

Please check the reportopen in new window here.

5.We noticed that Cocos-BCX had announced big news recently. Would you like to share the details?

COMBO (previously Cocos-BCX) made a huge announcement during ETHDenver 2023 on February 28th (Denver time). We've partnered up with NodeReal, a Web3 infrastructure provider, to create the first-ever rollup chain on BNB Smart Chain.

This new chain is gonna be a big deal for Web3 games and it's based on the Optimism (OP) Stack. Plus, it's the first Layer2 on BNB Smart Chain.

On the evening of April 11, we accomplished our branding upgrade and launched our new name “COMBO” at the Cruise Party during HK Web3 Festival eve.

The name "COMBO" is a term that's commonly used in gaming and refers to a sequence of actions or moves that a player performs in a rapid succession, resulting in a powerful and visually impressive effect. But it's more than just a cool gaming term - it also represents our commitment to bringing together multiple perspectives and ideas to create something that's greater than the sum of its parts.

Our Test launch is about to launch in late April, 2023. That’s another milestone we’ll achieve for the next step.

6. COMBO is "the first Game focused Optimistic Rollup on the BNBChain". What is Optimistic Rollup?

Optimistic Rollup is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum based on Rollup technology. For detailed technical information, visit: optimismopen in new window

7. What was the driving factor behind their decision to develop a Layer2 solution?

From our 2019 start, aiming to build a Graphene-based game chain with innovative concepts like parallel worlds and asset circulation, we've come a long way.

With DeFi and GameFi booming in 2020 and 2021 and Ethereum scaling solutions maturing, we realized an isolated chain wouldn't suffice. So, we boldly discontinued our Graphene-based chain to fully embrace the Ethereum ecosystem.